Register today for our new Kids+ workshops!

KIDS+ is a collaboration of Temari Hawaii and Allison Izu x Ten Tomorrow. Together, we’re pleased to offer a series of classes for keiki, ages 6+. All supplies are provided. Enrollment is limited for maximum experience, so register today to secure your space by clicking on the class below. Wear an apron or clothes that can be stained.

Lei Kui
11/12/17, Sunday, 9:00-11:00 am

Total Fee: $15 ($10 class fee + $5 supply fee)

The stringing of materials together as lei is practiced by many cultures around the world, but in Hawai'i, kui lei is elevated to an art form. Learn the basics of kui lei using pua melia, plumeria flowers.

11/19/17, Sunday, 9:00-11:00 am
Total Fee: 
$20 ($10 class fee + $10 supply fee) 

There many different forms of lei, whether used to adorn loved ones or decorate spaces. The making of kūpeʻe (bracelets and anklets) uses many kinds of lei materials, but in a smaller form. Learn how to decorate your kino (body) and a special candle to celebrate the coming of autumn.

Lei Kui and Kūpeʻe classes are taught by Kamalu du Preez and Kapaliku Maile, cultural and educational specialists dedicated to perpetuating the Hawaiian language and its art forms.

Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth
12/17/17, Sunday, 9:00-10:30 am

Total Fee:  $20 ($10 class fee + $10 supply fee)

Wrap your gift in a fabric square that you’ll stamp with permanent inks to make it even more special for the lucky recipient.  Learn how to wrap the usual box, as well as a ball and bottles, just in time for the holidays.